Introducing Book Hype: A podcast every reader and writer should listen to

Posted: March 20, 2013 in Books & Reading
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Book HypeAs most of you know, I write for I’m also on several podcasts that cover a variety of TV shows. However, one of the podcasts I’m on, Book Hype, actually talks all about – you guessed it – books!

Our first episode was an introduction of sorts, but we also covered the book The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. In the second episode, we covered both New Adult and self-publishing. It was an interesting thing to talk about, especially given that two of the other hosts are more readers than writers. It gives you a nice little insight into a reader’s mind, and I think all writer’s could benefit from listening to this.

And readers too, of course. The podcast is ONLY bound by the world of books. We’re going to be talking about anything we can come up with, both specific books like in the first episode, general topics like in the second episode, and so much more.

I hope you guys will give it a listen. We’re all just a bunch of book worms that happen to be addicted to podcasting. I think you’ll really enjoy it, both from a reader’s POV and a writer’s POV as well.

And, hey, if you’ve got book or topic suggestions, send them my way and I’ll pass them along!

If you did listen to either episode (or both!), let me know what you thought.

Related question: How do you guys feels about New Adult?

  1. I listened to the 2nd episode and it was great!
    And thanks again for mentioning NA Alley and me 😉

  2. […] Introducing Book Hype: A podcast every reader and writer should listen to […]

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