My Projects

This is just a general page that outlines my current projects – both for the sake of my sanity and for your general enjoyment. I have a lot of ideas floating around in my head, and although I’ve written concepts for many of them, my horror short stories are my main focus right now. I’ll keep it up-to-date as things progress. Hope you enjoy it, and please let me know if anything sounds interesting to you!

(Last updated September 08, 2013)


D1 – Sadie, a member of the shape-shifting Disguised, faces a threat from both inside and outside of the Society, and must confront each at the risk of losing everything she knows, including herself. (Complete, currently being reviewed by beta readers, needs more editing.)

D2(On hold; currently at 14,000 words)

D3(Basic outline written)

L1(Complete! Implementing Beta Readers’ feedback.)

L2(Basic plot outline written!)

LB1(Spin-off of L1, set in the same world; basic idea thought out)

LO1(Spin-off of L1, set in the same world; basic idea thought out)

K1(Basic concept written)

W1(Complete! Needs major editing)

W2(27,000 words in)

W3 (Basic idea thought out)


Z1 – (On hold; currently at 7,000 words)

Z2-12(Basic concept written; characters somewhat fleshed out)

Short Stories

The End(10/10 short stories centering on death have been written; finishing final edits)

Gods & Goddesses(Concept includes taking myths of Greek gods and applying them to modern life, in order for children and young adults to better relate to the characters; first story complete; working on ideas for additional stories)

Untold Fairy Tales – (A huge twist on classic fairy tales, written for my BFF; first story complete; second story in progress, eight other fairy tales chosen for re-conceptualization; not sure if these will ever be seen by anyone other than me and my friends)

  1. Where can I read some of your works? Could they be emailed to me?

  2. I’ll be anxiously awaiting the time when they are!

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