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ROW80LogocopyLast year was the first year I did ROW80, and I was lucky enough to pick it up right in January and get to do all four rounds. It was definitely an eye-opening experience, and I learned a lot about what works for me and how far I can push myself.

This year I’m taking everything I learned into consideration and using it to help fuel my goals for 2013.

This past week I’ve been experimenting with some goals that I want to accomplish and trying to focus on what is really important to me as a writer. I got away from writing recently, and I need to bring that to the forefront again. That is why I’m here after all.

So, my main goals are going to be to write and read every day, as they were in the last round. Except I’m going to force myself to do both everyday – at least a paragraph. A sentence even, if that’s all I can do. But I know that once I start, it’s hard to stop. So if I can just start, I’ll get over that hump and be able to get a bunch of words down on paper.

I’m also going to start keeping track of my word count each day – no particular goals here, but just to look at how I’m doing overall. It really helped in my first round, and it’d be nice to see if I can keep up a pretty solid word count from round to round.

I’m also going to start exercising more consistently. Nothing crazy like I did a few rounds ago, just twice a week. I want to ease myself back into it. Make it fun again. I’ve already exercised several times this week just for the heck of it, which is a great feeling. It’s nice to exercise because I want to, not because I feel like I have to. I’m also going to start eating better. I need to get rid of the junk food in the house and focus on healthier foods. That’ll help just as much as trying to exercise more often.

I’d also like to work on some major projects this round. I want to finish up edits on L1 and finish writing W1. I’ve got some solid plans for both, and I know what I want to do once I get past both of those stages, so I just need to sit down and do it.

I’m going to keep the structure I had last round, because that helped tremendously. I like the idea of assigning points to everything because it helps me see how I do from week to week. I think I’m going to change up how much everything is worth, but I’ll figure that out when I do my first check in next week.

And, as always, I’m going to keep the List of Awesome. It makes for a good pick-me-up at the end of each check-in, especially when I don’t do so hot on my goals. Plus, it’s a fun way to pass along what I’ve been up to and brag about other people!

Happy ROWing everyone! Let’s make this round an awesome round!

P.S. For this week, I’ve edited once, written four times (for a total of 8,823 words), and exercised three times. Not a bad start!


The official start date for round 4 of ROW80 is just a few days away, and I’m here to let you guys know what I’ll be up to for the next few months.

This past year has been a bit crazy for me. The first round was really solid – not a perfect round, but I got a lot accomplished and really came into my own as a writer. The second round was another good one, and I learned from the mistakes of the first one. The third round fizzled out quickly because life got in the way, but it felt good to take a break for a while.

Now with the fourth round right on the horizon, I know what is feasible and what is out of reach. In general, I tend to overreach and overwork myself. Sometimes that’s a bad thing, sometimes that’s a good thing. Lately it’s been a bad thing. Here’s what I’ve got planned to remedy that habit for this round:

Main Goals:

The list is short and sweet, but it’s also mandatory. I’m keeping it easy, manageable, and attainable this round. I have to get back to what’s important for me as a writer.

  1. Write or edit every day. It doesn’t matter how much or how little. It doesn’t matter what I write, but I must write something related to my personal current project at least three times a week. (In other words, writing columns, blog posts, etc. doesn’t count.) Editing other people’s stories doesn’t count toward this goal either. I also need to make sure I keep writing and editing fairly balanced, as I’d like to work on both simultaneously and not focus on one or the other.
  2. Read every day. I don’t care if it’s a page or a chapter, as long as it’s a published book (and not an editing or critiquing project). My goal to read 25 books this year hasn’t been going as smoothly as I wanted it to, and now it’s time to step up my game.

Bonus Points:

These are goals I hope to accomplish this week. They aren’t mandatory, but if I have time I should attempt them. They can be anything from exercising to finishing a certain story to organizing my desk. This week I’ve decided on these:

  1. Plan out three blog posts for next week so I’m prepared.
  2. Exercise at least once. (I’m slowly easing myself back into this one.)
  3. Visit three ROW80 blogs and comment. (I’ve been terrible on this front for the last two rounds and I apologize.)

List of Awesome:

This is the list of things I’ve accomplished that don’t really have anything to do with ROW80 or the goals above. It’ll probably be mostly about Hypable and the things I’ve done over there, but I like sharing pictures and random things that are happening in my life. Everyone is always welcome to drop their own list of awesome in the comments below. I love reading them!

  1. I found out this week that 9,500 entries were seen by the 81st Annual Writer’s Digest contest panel. There were 10 winners across 10 categories, for a total of 100 winners. Being in that top 10% feels pretty good! I also realized that I won 6th place for the genre short story competition, which contained all genres – romance, mystery, fantasy, etc. I’d say that’s a triumph for horror for sure!
  2. This week I picked up The Avengers on DVD and The Casual Vacancy. Avengers was just as funny as I remembered it being, and I’m really excited to watch the bonus features soon. I haven’t started TCV just yet. I need to finish Eona and then I can do that. Soon!
  3. I’m about halfway through season 6 of Supernatural. The last half of season 4 and the first half of season 5 have been my favorite so far. I’m not enjoying season 6 too much, but I think it just hit its stride so I’m excited to get back into it. I mostly just wait around to see Castiel on my screen. He may or may not be my favorite thing about the show right now! (Must get caught up by Wednesday so I can watch season 8 when it begins on TV!)
  4. The winner for the Teen Wolf fan-fiction contest has not been announced yet. They had a few more entries than they were expecting and have had to read through 10,000 of them. Whoa! They’ve promised an announcement soon, so I hope everyone keeps their fingers crossed for me!

I’m going to be scoring myself this round. 5 points for each of my main goals. 1 point for each bonus goal I can complete. I like the idea of comparing scores from week to week and maybe eventually from round to round. I know some of you mentioned you like how I set up my goals and my recap at the end of each round, so just know that I have no qualms if you want to steal any of my ideas. Whatever makes the round better for you!

Good luck everyone. Hope to see you a lot this round.

What’s one thing you’re really hoping to accomplish this round?

ROW80 Round 3 Goals

Posted: July 1, 2012 in ROW80
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I can’t believe I’m already entering my third ROW80 round. It truly seems like it was just yesterday that January rolled around and I sat down to type out a similar post about what goals I wanted to accomplish over the next few months.

That round turned out to be a pretty solid one. It started off great, got a little away from me somewhere in the middle, but finished on a high note. I got a lot of things done. The second round didn’t quite turn out so good. Life got in the way on more than one occasion and I felt like each week my completed goal counts got lower and lower. But even at the end of that one, when I counted up everything I accomplished, I realized that I did a lot more than I thought I did. That’s success.

So, for this round, I’m taking on a no-nonsense attitude. I have to. I have too many things I want to accomplish and not nearly enough time to get them all done. It was nice to take a little bit of a relaxed position during the last round, especially after working so hard on the previous one. But we’re already more than halfway through the year and it’s time that I started concentrating on the things that are going to move me forward in my writing career and life in general.

That’s right, I’m going for the dreaded, the elusive, the all-comsuming…

Perfect Round.

All goals completed, no exceptions. This may be the writing challenge that knows you have a life, but this is the round that knows you have a life, hands you a machete and some lighter fluid, and tells you to take no prisoners.

So, here’s what I have planned:


These are the daily goals that won’t change throughout the round.

  1. Exercise for half an hour each day, five days a week. Yep, this one is coming back with a vengeance. It’s being paired up with better eating habits, so hopefully I start seeing some serious results.
  2. Write every day. This is really the whole point, isn’t it? I have to write and I have to do it every day to get better and meet my goals. Blog posts don’t count.
  3. Read one chapter every day. It doesn’t matter what it is or what book it’s from, but I have to do this every day, no matter what. We’re half way through the year and I think I’ve read a measly three books so far. That’s unacceptable. Last year I read 50 books. This year I decided to cut that number in half (and decided to only count books I hadn’t read before), so I have no excuses not to do it.


These are the goals that will change from week to week.

  1. Finish writing “Death.” This is story eight out of ten that I want for my short story horror collection.
  2. Get caught up on my writing e-mails. I keep a list of competitions and other writing related things in an e-mail, but I’m horribly behind. I need to cut the competitions that are over and add new ones to look into. It’s high time I started trying to market my writing skills to magazines and other outlets that will help me gain experience.


I like knowing what I want to accomplish over the course of this round, as that will help determine what my weekly goals will be.

  1. Finish The End, my horror collection. Get some beta readers. (Anyone interested?) We’re at about 80% right now.
  2. Begin editing Lifetimes, the novel I’m focusing on right now. 0%
  3. Enter at least one competition or submit at least one article to a magazine. 0%
  4. Read at least four books this month. 0%

I’m going to add and take away from these goals as I see fit, but these are the things that I truly hope to accomplish. This round is going to be brutal, especially since I have so many other responsibilities at the moment, but I need this kick in the pants. I’ve been serious about my writing for a while, but now it’s time to show you guys what I’m made of.

(P.S. Well-wishers are always welcome. It’s so nice to see you guys cheering me on each week. That’s a huge reason why I love ROW80 so much!)