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I was watching The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe the other day and I began thinking about my favorite characters from the movie. The list surprised me, so I thought I’d share it with you, too:

5. Aslan

I’m sure some people will consider this blasphemy, but Aslan only just made it into the last spot. Regardless, I do love him. The regal voice of Liam Neeson (love that guy!) is a perfect fit for this majestic character. I love his wisdom and mysterious nature, but most of all I just love how much he loves the children.

4. Mr. Tumnus

It was tough putting Mr. T (no not that Mr. T) in this spot, because I really adore this character. He’s such a gentle being, and you can tell that he immediately became friends with Lucy. He’s a flawed character – cowardly and meek – but it doesn’t stop him from doing what is right in the end. He risked his life for Lucy and had to pay the consequences. In the end, though, he was saved by Aslan. Yay!

3. Edmund

Edmund very nearly made it to the second spot on this list. I love Edmund. He’s a flawed character, too. In the beginning he was greedy, mean, sarcastic, and brooding. It’s tough being the second youngest child, and the youngest male in the family. He had a lot of expectations to live up to, and you could tell that it affected him. BUT Edmund learns his lesson – and not the easy way. He almost loses his family, not to mention his own life, on several occasions. In the end, though, Edmund did what was right. He even went on to become one of the most noble and just characters in the entire series.

2. The White Witch

This was probably the most surprising addition to my list, but I stand firm that the White Witch deserves my number two spot. I think this has less to do with the character and more to do with the actress: Tilda Swinton. I love, love, love her! She’s an incredible actress, and I really enjoy when she plays supernatural characters. (My other favorite role of hers, by the way, is Gabriel from Constantine.) The character itself is wonderful – she’s an evil queen, who is intelligent and merciless. She’s not an easy foe to beat. But even better than that is Tilda’s acting. I love that otherworldly look to her face – the alabaster skin, the big dark blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair, and her high cheekbones. She has a certain way of talking and moving that really lends itself to this character. I’m even a little sad when the White Witch dies at the end (good thing she shows up again in the next movie!).

1. Lucy

Okay, this probably isn’t the most original pick for the number one spot – but can you blame me? Little Georgie Henley is a superb actress. (She’s not so little anymore…she’ll be turning 17 this year.) She did a really great job in this role and brought to life a well-loved character from the series. So that brings up Lucy and why she’s so fantastic. Why is she so well loved? The simple answer is because she’s the youngest (and cutest) Pevensie, and you can’t help falling in love with such a sweet child. But I think it’s so much more than that. Lucy is a dreamer. She believes in what seems to be unbelievable – don’t we all wish we could do that? She kept faith in Aslan even when everything seemed so doubtful. And even though she struggled with her own personal flaws, Lucy was one of the most genuine and loving characters in the entire movie.

The reason why this list was so surprising to me is because when I first started watching the movies and reading the books, I immediately wanted to like Susan. She was more my age and she seemed to be intelligent, pretty, and talented with the bow. What could you not like about that? But, her darker side comes out eventually and you find that she’s one of the most flawed characters in the books. That’s why she’s not on my list. I also thought about adding Peter, but even he couldn’t match up to the likes of Mr. Tumnus and Lucy. He struggled much more with his own fatal flaws and, even though he overcame them in the end, there was just no room for him here.

So, how does my list compare to yours? Did I miss anyone that you feel should be on here? Were any of my choices surprising to you?