Why I will always go see Gabriel Iglesias at a live show

Posted: November 29, 2013 in General

For the second time, I went to see Gabriel Iglesias perform in my hometown. And once again I was blown away by not only his comedy, but by his generosity.

The first show had me in tears from laughing so hard. This show didn’t, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. And it certainly doesn’t mean I won’t go see him again.

The great thing about Fluffy is that he’s genuine — more so than a lot of other comedians, I think. Everyone goes for the punch line, but Gabe goes for the story. If it happens to be funny along the way (and let’s face it, it’s always funny along the way), then great. That’s a success.

He doesn’t need to resort to the dirty jokes. He doesn’t have to yell to be funny. He doesn’t have to swear up a storm. Does it happen sometimes? Yeah, of course. But that’s not what his act is centered around, and it makes him a refreshing comedian to go see.

At this show, Gabriel talked a lot about his family — particularly his father and his son. Was it funny? No, not really. It was actually a really sad story, and sometimes it felt like he was being a motivational speaker instead of a stand up comedian. Not that I cared. I was there for him; the jokes were just a bonus.

But above and beyond that, it was what he did more than what he said. When he came out on stage, someone yelled that they wanted to have his babies (yes, they were allowed to drink there — sigh). He immediately responded to it. It wasn’t mean or disrespectful, but he took charge of the situation. Something similar happened with someone else who was being indifferent to his performance, and he made sure that they didn’t control the show. But he always did it in a way that made us laugh, and not in a way that crushed the mood of the room.

But the best part of the night was when he performed 45 minutes longer than he was meant to. He said he’d keep going as long as we kept laughing, and we held him to that. He performed all his new material, and then started doing his classic jokes. He got a kick out of it when we started saying the punch lines with him, and you could tell that the whole room was excited just to have him there. And he was just as excited as we were.

Gabriel Iglesias is an outstanding performer. Better yet, he’s an outstanding person. And that’s why I’ll always go see him live whenever I can.

If you’re unfamiliar with Gabriel’s comedy, I want to applaud you for making it this far. But I also want you to check out this joke, which is my all-time favorite:


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