The weird and wonderful treasures of antiquing

Posted: November 4, 2013 in General
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I’ve always loved going antiquing. It’s the main reason why I decided to get a degree in art history. And while I have found other loves in that subject besides antiques, I continue to visit antique stores to ogle the weird and wonderful things the shops keep hidden on their shelves.

This is also fun to do when you’re looking for story ideas or want to pick out strange, real life objects to insert into your novel. Antique stores are usually packed with the weird and wonderful, and there’s no limit to what could be in there. Antiques from the 1800s to vintage items from the 1970s all make their way into the dark and dusty corners of these places.

Here are some of the strange things I found on my latest excursion to a barn that was full to the brim of antiques which measured three floors high. This place was massive.


This little beauty is a german stoneware flask. Can you imagine carrying this puppy in your coat pocket? The good news is that if a fellow drunk decided to get a little out of control, it would make an awfully good weapon


Next up was this guy who, admittedly, is not an antique. But this is possibly the most chill dog I’ve ever seen in my life. He was just lying on the path to the antique store all day long, not even bothering to look up at anyone coming or going unless they stopped to pet him. Which everyone did.


My mom and I decided this was a dragon’s skull because it was so big and because we have no idea what it really is. But dragon just seems much cooler, doesn’t it?


There were a couple of these floating around the shop, but this one was my favorite. It recalls stories of ships and mermaids, and a naval adventure full of pirates and magic.


There were a lot of dead things in this place. And definitely more than just a couple of these suckers.


I took this picture for Jenny Hansen because you always need More Cowbell.


This cat did not want to be bothered while she was cleaning herself, but she was more than happy to give me a bath nonetheless.


Not only was this place full of antiques on the inside, but you could drive around the property and look at this veritable graveyard/outdoor museum of antiques scattered all around the yard. So much to see!


Then we went and got chocolate pizza. YES, THAT IS ACTUAL CHOCOLATE GOODNESS ON PIZZA CRUST. And that day was a good day.


And, finally, we stopped off in a massively packed used bookstore that was absolutely brimming with any kind of book you could possibly want. I didn’t end up getting anything, but I scouted the science fiction shelves and I’m definitely going to try to pick up some novels by the greats. Gotta start somewhere, so it might as well be with the best, right?


What’s some of the coolest things you’ve found while out antique shopping?


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