Book Recommendation: ‘Affliction Z: Abandoned Hope’ by L.T. Ryan

Posted: October 4, 2013 in Books & Reading
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abandoned hope FOR KINDLEAnother quick book recommendation for you guys! Today I’ve got Affliction Z: Abandoned Hope by L.T. Ryan. It’s a zombie apocalypse book, and it’s good. It’s got a lot of action, and it really moves fast. The world feels super real, and you can’t help but be worried that this might just happen some day.

Here’s the review I wrote for Hypable:

Abandoned Hope, much like Patient Zero, combines a military thriller with the zombie genre. Fast paced and quick witted, this is a book that will have you turning from page to page in order to see what happens next.

Tough girls and smart guys litter each scene. In a world where the humans are just as deadly as the afflicted, there’s no one you can trust. That sets the tone of the entire book, and will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

The details are what drive the story, from the types of weapons to the validity of the secure underground bunkers, this world feels close and maybe a little too real.

You can check out the book on Amazon. And find the Facebook page for the series here.


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