Why I’m afraid to read a new book from one of my favorite authors

Posted: September 23, 2013 in Books & Reading
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Atlantis Rising Cover TA BarronOne of my all-time favorite authors is T.A. Barron. He wrote the Lost Years of Merlin series, and it is — both figuratively and literally — on the shelf next to my Harry Potter books. That should give you a pretty strong idea of what I think about him as a writer and his books in general.

He has a new book out called Atlantis Rising. It is, as the title suggests, about the creation of Atlantis. I’ve been excited about this book for quite some time, especially considering I was sent an ARC a while ago. It’s due out this week and I’m just cracking it open, mainly because I’ve been busy reviewing other books for Hypable.

However, now that it’s next on my list, now that I have a deadline, now that it’s in my hands and there is a bookmark between the pages, I find myself not sitting down to read it.

It’s strange, what I’ll be willing to do to not pick up the book (writing this blog post, for one). I mean, I love this guy. Both as a writer and as a person (he’s an amazing conservationist, and a very, very good human being). I love his books, his writing style, and his messages. I know Atlantis Rising is going to feel very much the same. It has the same vibe the other books have. I know I’ll enjoy it.

So why do I keep putting it off?

I think I’ve built of The Lost Years of Merlin series in my head so much over the years that I’m not even sure it’s as good as I remember it is. Don’t get me wrong — it’s a fantastic series and I’d recommend it to anyone. But you know how you can watch really terrible movies when you’re a kid and love them later on even though you know they’re bad? It’s the nostalgia.

I guess I don’t want to be let down by Atlantis Rising. I don’t want that image of The Lost Years of Merlin and of Barron to change in my mind. Do I honestly think it will? No. But I do think that’s why I’ve been hesitant to really jump feet first into this novel.

But I’ve got deadlines I need to meet, and they are the best form of motivation. I will be reading it prior to the release and doing a review on Hypable. And I’m sure I will love it once I take that plunge and really sink my teeth into the story.

Has this ever happened to you? Do you remember reading a book by one of your favorite authors and being thoroughly disappointed? Did it put you off their other books, or are you always willing to give them a try?

  1. yes, the casual vacancy comes to mind. i had it propped up on my bookcase after i first bought it – as an incentive to finish my latest revision, i told myself. still, it was hard to get started even picking it up once i’d achieved that goal. and even though i was ultimately disappointed with it, i’ll still give her a try in the future. maybe not her pseudonym mystery book…we’ll just wait and see.

    • Karen Rought says:

      I wasn’t so worried about TCV because it was so vastly different from HP. But Atlantis Rising is very much in the same vein as his Merlin books. There’s more reason to be disappointed because they’re so similar, you know?

      But anyway, I enjoyed Cuckoo’s Calling a lot more than TCV. It’s much more readable. If you generally like crime novels, I think you’ll like this one.

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