My five favorite things from the 2013 VMAs

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Music
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I feel the need to preface this with the fact that this is not a sarcastic article. There were a few things I really loved during the VMAs, and I’m not going to mention that other stuff that happened because it’s been done to death over the past few days. Just go to Tumblr if you want to laugh at pictures like this.

1. Lady Gaga’s performance. I’ve liked Lady Gaga for a long time. I’ve liked most of her performances even though they’re over the top and sometimes actually quite frightening. Despite some crazy eyes in the beginning, I really enjoyed her performance at the 2013 VMAs. It was well done, with some seamless outfit changes. Plus it was just really nice to see her back in her “Poker Face” wig.


2. Macklemore performing “Same Love.” This song is just incredible. I love the message it carries, and I love everything that Macklemore did when he was on stage. He deserved to win that award for Best Video with a Social Message.

You can click here to watch the performance.

3. Lady Gaga gives a pep talk to One Direction. I don’t know a whole lot about 1D, but I’m getting to the point where a few of my friends just won’t let me ignore them anymore. Still, I feel horrible they were booed at when they accepted their award for Best Song of the Summer. But Gaga gave them an amazing pep talk afterwards. Love her.


4. NSync reunited on stage. I’m sad that it was about 10 minutes of Justin Timberlake and 30 seconds of NSync, but it was still nice to see the boys back together again. I hope the response they got for the reunion at the VMAs gets their attentions and makes them realize that tons of people would be invested if they did a reunion tour. Because I would be there in a heartbeat.

You can click here to watch the performance.



What were the highlights of the VMAs for you? (If you watched, that is. I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t.)

  1. I think I’m glad I don’t watch award shows like these anymore. Maybe I’ve gotten old, but good on Gaga (who I’ve never been a huge fan of) for her pep talk. “Serious” musicians like to mock boy bands and teenie bopper fans. It’s been that way forever, but those boy bands laugh their way to the bank…and many of them (Hello JT) go on to have very successful solo careers.

    • Karen Rought says:

      It’s very difficult for me to watch award shows. There’s so much second-hand embarrassment that I spend more time looking away from the TV than looking at it. Boy bands are mocked so hardcore, but it’s not always for legitimate reasons. I grew up on NSync, and I still love them to this day. Despite the corny ’90s costumes and dance moves, they were great musicians that could actually sing. A lot of pop stars today could benefit from paying attention to something like that.

  2. ddog13 says:

    WHERE’S MILEY CYRUS?! SHE WAS THE BEST PART OF THE SHOW! That was a joke my the way. And Em’s album has my curiosity.

    • Karen Rought says:

      Ha ha…ha. And, yes, Em’s album is…whoa. Very highly anticipated for a lot of people right now. It could be a game changer for him. I’m very curious to see what comes out of this.

  3. ddog13 says:

    Have you heard Eminem’s Survival? I literally just caught that one.

  4. I missed the VMAs this year and I’m kinda sad… but then I think about how much I do NOT want to see that Miley Cyrus act and I figure it’s ok. I can google NSync and watch ’em on Youtube. 🙂

    • Karen Rought says:

      Yes, totally. Do that. It’s a waste of time, but I also kind of had to watch because I hate missing out on these big pop-culture events and then being lost when all the news is splashed across the website I write for, lol. So I usually take one for the team.

  5. Jess Witkins says:

    I was pumped for Macklemore to win the hip hop award (I think that was the one). I only saw parts of the show, but I was excited for them.

    • Karen Rought says:

      He wanted to win best rap song or best rap music video, I think, but ended up winning the one for the best social message. Still. That song is incredible, and I’m glad they one and got to show off on that platform. It’s definitely deserved.

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