‘Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters’: A book fan’s review

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Movies
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Sea of Monsters PosterBottom Line:

Rent it, buy it, or don’t bother? — Rent it.


[Possible minor spoilers, but not really. GO READ THE BOOK IF YOU’RE WORRIED ABOUT SPOILERS.]

I’m among one of the few that actually enjoyed the Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I think it was because I could separate the books from the movies. Because, yeah, the movie did a terrible job recreating all the magic in the book, but it was a good story. It wasn’t perfect, mind you, not by a long shot. But it was fun.

So, as someone who loves the book and enjoyed the first movie, I figured I’d walk into the theatres with a fairly open mind. It meant that I wasn’t going to be super disappointed because I’m such a fan of the series, but it also meant that I knew the source material well enough to be able to compare the film to the novel.

There are plenty of opinions out there that will tell you a whole range of answers to the question, “Well, how was it?” My answer is pretty simple. I thought it was great.

Not perfect, not out mind-blowing, not my favorite movie ever, but it was great.

The action was exciting and the humor that I loved in the first movie was still present. It felt a little more grown up to me, a little more everything-is-on-the-line, which I loved. It was cheesy in some places, but then again so are the books. But they’re supposed to be. They’re middle grade, and that is the film’s source material after all.

It stayed a lot more loyal to the book than the first film. It had some ground to make up in terms of getting back on track. It had to introduce some new characters and plot points that should’ve been in the first movie but weren’t. But once all of that was established, it found its groove and did what it was supposed to do: entertain us.

I had three favorite parts to the movie: Tyson, Annabeth and Percy’s relationship, and Clarisse.

Tyson was a little too childish, I thought, but that’s how he is in the books, so I tried to overlook that. The best part was his unwavering love for Percy, Percy’s hesitance, and then Percy’s final understanding of Tyson. There were some really beautiful moments between the two of them, and it was great seeing a flaw in Percy that was righted as he learned a lesson.

Annabeth and Percy’s relationship in the books is one of my favorite pairings ever. I think it’s because it started off slow and it isn’t by any means a focus of the books. That’s really refreshing considering I read a lot of YA paranormal romance. The movie did a great job of showing us how much they care for each other, but not going to that place.

Lastly, I loved Clarisse. I was really surprised because Leven Rambin was not how I imagined Clarisse at all. In the books, Clarisse has an ogre-like quality to her in more ways than one. Leven Rambin is a beautiful actress, and I wasn’t sure she was really going to be able to pull off Clarisse in all her complexity. But she did, and it was great. You hated her one moment, laughed with her the next, and before you knew it, you were actually caring about her.

I’m going to buy this movie when it comes out because I’m such a huge fan of the series (and because I can’t own the first one without the second one). The reason why I suggested you rent it in order to see it is because I know my opinion is an unpopular one.

So, tell me. Did you like the first Percy Jackson movie? Have you seen Sea of Monsters? What do you think?

  1. I haven’t seen either movie, but I want to! Maybe when they’re both available to rent, we can have a Percy marathon.

  2. I saw the movie with hubby this weekend and enjoyed it. The only thing I thought was a waste of movie time was the cab ride. It could’ve been shortened significantly.

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