Things I’ve learned from ‘Moby Dick’

Posted: May 24, 2013 in Books & Reading
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I’m really immature.

White animals are evil. Except white horses and white albatrosses.

Because that makes sense.

A 135 chapter book about whales is not my cup of tea.

Wishbone Moby DickI miss Wishbone.

Because seriously. That dog knew how to tell a story, man.

Do not put footnotes in your novel.

Who does this? Am I reading a textbook? Because I thought it was a novel.

The anatomy of a whale can take up several long chapters.

You don’t even want to know all the information that’s in my head about whales right now. Information I will never use. Ever.

Whalers are drunks.

Not that we needed proof, but…

Someone out there tell me I’m not the only one who didn’t enjoy Moby Dick. What other classics have you had to push yourself to finish?

  1. Jess Witkins says:

    Ohmygod – WISHBONE! I watched that everyday after school. Do you think I can find an episode on youtube and watch it in sweet nostalgia. LOL. Give me that and Ghostwriter and I’m in heaven. And X-Men. The trifecta, right there.

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