Featured Video: ‘To This Day’ by Shane Koyczan

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Featured Video
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My initial plan for today was to give you guys a run down on what I thought of The Host. However, that plan was quickly laid to rest when I found out we’re embargoed, even after being told something different at the event.


So, instead, I’ve got another featured video for you guys. I usually try not to do them back-to-back like this, but this one is so beautiful and powerful I couldn’t pass it up. I came across it thanks to the ever-fabulous Kait Nolan, who posted it on Friday.

This resonates with me, not as someone who got bullied, but as someone who was often neglected in school. I was always one step out of sync with everyone else, and although it usually didn’t bother me, I can’t say that I never wished, for once, that one of the popular kids would invite me to sit with them at lunch.

I’m much more confident today than I was back then, and that simply came from accepting I was different. From being proud that I wasn’t the same as everyone else. That I had higher aspirations and an outlook that meant I never quite saw things the same way as my peers.

I hope this poem and video helps other people realize they are who they are, and the sooner they accept that, the better off they’ll be.

Please share it with someone you think will appreciate it.

  1. Dad says:

    Karen’s Dad here. Let me tell you what makes Karen stand out in the crowd. She was never one to be influenced by the “clique.” Always one to stick up for the underdog. Never said a bad word about anyone, but not afraid to speak her mind if she thinks she or someone else has been wronged. She may think she’s different, but it’s a special kind of different. That’s what makes her such an amazing person. I think we can credit her Mom with a lot of that influence, but I must say she does have some of my wild side in her and can be a bit of a rebel. Hahaha.

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