Book Recommendation: Forest of the Forsaken by Joanne Brothwell

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Books & Reading
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Forest of the Forsaken by Joanne BrothwellAnother quick book recommendation for you guys. This one is called Forest of the Forsaken by Joanne Brothwell. She’s a self-pub author and this book is…it’s just fantastic. Trust me.

It’s a modern retelling of Hansel and Gretel, but it’s not just a different spin on an old tale. She takes the most basic concepts of the story and incorporates them into something completely different. You can feel the basis for the original in there, but overall it looks completely different.

The book is sexy and thrilling and exciting and funny. It’s full of characters that have tragic pasts and are so well written that they leap off the page and into your room to act out the scenes in front of you. It’s scary and exciting, and there are a couple of great twists as well.

However, note that this book is not for the faint of heart. She classifies it as New Adult, but it is borderline erotica. The great part about this is that these scenes support the story – they don’t overtake it. Yeah, there’s sex. And yeah, there’s adult material. But the plot – the story – is always at the forefront. And that’s what makes it an excellent book.

Here’s the description:

Forbidden love. Buried secrets. The ultimate betrayal.

Following her mother’s death to cancer, Meg’s world crashes in around her. Her father re-marries within weeks of their loss, her step-mother is cold and rejecting, and her new step-brother, Joey, has some rather unusual sexual preferences. Meg’s only hope is to move away and leave her father and the dark memories behind.

When her father forces her to attend his honeymoon with this new and unwanted blended family, Meg finds herself in the remote wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, miles from civilization. Meg begins to see things in the forbidding forest—strange, unexplainable things she believes are the result of compounding stress. But when her father and step-mother disappear, leaving Meg and Joey to fend for themselves, lost and without supplies, she realizes her terrifying visions are not merely her imagination after all.

Will Meg and Joey find their way back to civilization? Or will they submit to the darkness within the Forest of the Forsaken?

In this eerie, erotic adaptation of Hansel and Gretel, the fairy tale ending may be far from happy.

You can check the book out on Amazon. If you do end up buying it and reading it, please remember to leave her a review! That makes or breaks self-pubbers, and I know she’d really appreciate it.

Let me know what you guys think of it as well. I have a feeling some of you will really love this. (And it’s not just me! My friend bought it after my recommendation, and she really enjoyed it as well.)

  1. S. J. Maylee says:

    I got a chill reading that blurb. I’m going to pick this up and hope to read it soon. Thanks, Karen.

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