#ROW80 – R1C4 – Welcome to February

Posted: February 3, 2013 in ROW80
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ROW80LogocopyHappy February! Can’t believe January is over already, but it’s nice to look back and see how well we all did in the first month of the first round of ROW80 for 2013. Here’s to hoping February is even better than that!

Main Goals

  1. Write or edit every day. 7/7 I’m feeling much better now that I’m back on track with this goal. I wrote all seven days and actually managed to get in 5 days of editing as well. I finally feel like I’m moving forward with L1, and I just got over a major hurdle in W2. I’m about halfway done now, and I think the rest of the story is going to be much easier to write than the first half. Exciting!
  2. Read every day. 7/7 I finished Divergent and LOVED it. I’m onto Beautiful Creatures now, and I’m enjoying that quite a bit too. I’ve heard some mixed reviews about it, but if it keeps going the way it is, I think I’ll end up liking it. I’m only about 150 pages into it right now, though.
  3. Exercise twice a week. 2/2 I barely squeezed this goal in this week, but I did get it done. I just didn’t feel like exercising, blah. But when I did finally just go and do it, it felt good!

Bonus Goals

  1. Finish edits on chapters five and six of L1. I’m scraping this goal because, guess what? I’m starting over! Well, not completely. But I decided to rewrite some of the mythology of the story. It was too generic, too mainstream. I wanted to do something a bit more unique, and I came up with a cool idea that actually fits perfectly in with the rest of the story. I finished up my spreadsheet that’ll help me to see the different plot points and conflicts in each chapter. Now that’s done, I’m going through each chapter and rearranging information to reflect this new version. So, the next goal is to rewrite chapter 1 of L1. Luckily these won’t be complete rewrites, and some chapters won’t even have to be touched. I just need to make sure all the details line up.
  2. Keep writing W2. Still working on this, and it’s going great! I wrote an outline for the story (which is a first), and I know exactly where I’m going and how I’m getting there. Now it’s just a matter of finding time to sit down and do the writing.
  3. Update my contests doc. Nope. 😦

List of Awesome

  1. I’m seeing Warm Bodies today! Yay, zombies!!!
  2. I worked on a new column for Hypable that will go up on Thursday. I just need to finish formatting it, and then it’ll be done. It’s super cute!
  3. I’m a freelance copyeditor in my spare time (ha!), and I tend to get a whole mix of stuff to edit. Most of the time it’s…not so good. But an AMAZING book came across my desk this week, and WHOA. I totally got sucked into it. I’m only halfway done, but I can’t wait to finish it. That’s such a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of the things I’m used to getting.

Points and Words

Each of my main goals gets FIVE POINTS. Bonus goals get TEN POINTS if they’re completed.

  • Week 1 – 95 points
  • Week 2 – 100 points
  • Week 3 – 50 points
  • Week 4 – 90 points

This week I wrote:

  • Week 1 – 8,284 words
  • Week 2 – 13,697 words
  • Week 3 – 5,365 words
  • Week 4 – 9,310 words

That brings my total words for the year up to: 45,479 words written since January 1, 2013

What kind of hobbies do you guys have other than writing?

  1. Yeah, I love that somebody besides me is all into giving themselves points for reaching all their goals. I thought I was the only pyscho who did that! Looks like you are doing well at those goals. And hobbies? I just really don’t have time for anything but the day job, reading and writing.

    • Karen Rought says:

      Haha! Nope, you’re not the only psycho. 😉 I don’t really have time for anything else besides that either. But I’m not complaining – those are good hobbies to have!

  2. S. J. Maylee says:

    What an incredible week you had, good for you! Other hobbies? In the summer I love to garden, in the winter I love to ski. We have snow now, hopefully I’ll find the time soon to hit the slopes soon. My biggest hobby is Nia, it’s a whole mind/body/movement thing and I love it. I earned my white belt which gives me license to teach and someday I hope I will, but now it’s a hobby.
    Hope you have another great week.

    • Karen Rought says:

      Ah, you brave soul for skiing! That scares me. In high school, it was a part of our gym class. We just did it on the small hills around us, but it was terrifying. That’s probably because I’ve always been quite uncoordinated. It’s something I’d to learn how to do, though. Perhaps snowboarding? Congrats on your white belt! That’s certainly exciting. Hope you have a great week too!

  3. Sounds like you’re doing great. Way to go! I’m not a zombie fan, but I have to admit “Warm Bodies” looks somewhat intriguing. Let me know what you think. Have a great week, Karen.

    • Karen Rought says:

      I think I’m going to write a review about it for tomorrow, actually, so stop on back! But I loved it. I saw it with my mom, who is so not into zombies, and she really liked it too. It was only gross in maybe two or three spots, but it was VERY funny and very cute. It’s definitely the perfect movie for people who aren’t usually into zombies.

  4. amyskennedy says:

    Ack! I forgot to write my stolen list of awesome for this check-in! You’ve had a cool week! And I so want to see Warm Bodies, hope it’s as good as it looks.

  5. EM Castellan says:

    Hobbies other than writing? Er, can I say reading? 🙂 You had an awesome week Karen, way to go! I’m looking forward to your review of Beautiful Creatures. And I can’t wait for Warm Bodies to come out in the UK! Have a great week!

    • Karen Rought says:

      You can say whatever you want! Reading would definitely be up there for me too. I used to do some origami when I had time. I wasn’t a master at it or anything, but I liked doing it.

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