Featured Video: An 11 year old poet from South Africa

Posted: January 30, 2013 in Featured Video
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“Every day we read stories about our troubled youth, and if you are our future, then what a glorious future South Africa has.”

It doesn’t matter if you are South African or not, this video is one of the most beautiful and touching things I’ve ever seen. If she is our future, then what a glorious future this world has.

Thanks to Michal for posting this to her Facebook page.

  1. ddog13 says:

    And some guy goes on America’s Got Talent and gets kicked in the nuts multiple times and is considered a talented person. Yep. That’s talent nowadays. This was a nice video for sure. I seriously think that things are going downhill. When all I see on TV is 16 and Pregnant and the Kardashians, you know that something’s wrong. We need more people like this and more people paying attention to people like this.

    • Karen Rought says:

      There will always be people out there that will try to get by on meaningless talents. We just need to hope that people like this will outweigh them. It gives me hope though. One person like this is worth a thousand of those other people.

  2. Soapmouth says:

    Wow….!! I live in South Africa, and this is the first time I’m seeing this…she’s a natural! I had a lump in my throat towards the end there. Amazing! thanks for sharing this!

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