My year in books (2012)

Posted: January 4, 2013 in Books & Reading
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My goal for this past year was to read 25 books. Re-reads weren’t allowed – these had to be brand new books! Luckily, I met my goal and even managed to read an extra one!

Here’s a rundown of what I’ve read with a quick blurb about how I felt about each one. I would definitely recommend most of these books for anyone, so be ready to have your Goodreads tab open. 😉

Writer’s Market: Guide to Getting Published: This is a good resource, though I think the website is a lot more helpful. It definitely gave me some insight into the world of publishing, but it was not nearly as specific as I was hoping for.

The Devil’s Mixtape by Mary Borsellino: Read my full review here. This book was really different, but in a good way. It’s dark and raw, which was actually more refreshing than off-putting.

102 Solutions to Common Writing Mistakes by Bob Mayer: Although many of the mistakes and solutions were already known to me, there were Tiger's Voyagesome gems in here. It was worth a quick read just to cement some rules in my head that I tend to forget about.

Eon by Alison Goodman: A solid read, though a bit slow. Everything I was looking forward to happening either took place in the last 20 pages or ended up in the second book. Beautifully written world and very detailed.

Tiger’s Voyage: I had a heck of a time getting through this, but the ending of the book was almost worth it. Almost. It’s a wonderful concept, but I find it hard to get through the back-and-forth love triangle part. Needs more action. If you like the Twilight series, you’ll probably enjoy these books.

Oppression by Jessica Therrien: Read my full review here. I became interested in this book when I heard it was about Greek mythology in the contemporary world. What? Yes, please! It was a quick and interesting read, and full of some cool characters. I’m definitely looking forward to the second book, which will be out this year.

Marty Boggs and the Curse of Kutkara’s Tomb by M.T. Acquire: I actually read this as a Beta Reader. It’s middle grade, but still quite interesting – especially for the part of me that still secretly wishes she had become an archaeologist. It’s definitely in the vein of Nancy Drew, and is full of cool Egyptian stuff.

Noble Intentions Season 1 by L.T. Ryan: Read my full review here. This is actually a compilation of five shorter books. I love these novels because they’re fast-paced, full of action, and have a host of memorable and endearing characters. All the good guys in the book are a bit shady, and yet you can’t help but root for them. That’s the mark of a good writer.

Noble Intentions Season 2 by L.T. Ryan: Jack Noble is back! The second season was just as good as the first. I found myself falling more in love with the characters than ever before. And the end of this season definitely makes you want to dig into the next one.

The Mark of AthenaLondon Darkness: Infernal Inventions by Chris Stocking: This was my first real jump into Steampunk, and I enjoyed it. The concept Chris set up is really interesting and unique, and the characters are all super memorable.

The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan: Read my full review here. I loved this book, and it was definitely one of the highlights of my year. I have a little trouble with the imagery in these books (they’re middle grade and tend to be a little ridiculous), but that’s the story Riordan wants to tell and who am I to complain? But in the end I loved it, and I’d still read anything Riordan writes.

Noble Beginnings by L.T. Ryan: This is actually a prequel book to the Noble Intentions series. It gives us a look into Jack’s past and how he came to be who he is. It also let us get inside his head a bit more, as it was written in first person POV, rather than third. It falls perfectly in line with the other books and was just as great.

Eona by Alison Goodman: The second books was harder for me to get through than the first, though I did enjoy it. It just read too slowly for me, and felt like a historical romance (which is a genre I tend to avoid). But if that’s your sort of thing, then I would definitely recommend this book.

The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling: Read my full review here. I was pleasantly surprised by this book because I had been hearing a lot of not-so-good things about it before I picked it up. The writing was fantastic and the story stuck with me long after I read it. The lack of real plot until the last 200 pages or so was a letdown, but otherwise this was an interesting and new type of book to read from Jo.

Warm Bodies Book CoverWarm Bodies by Isaac Marion: Read my full review here. I thought the concept was better than the actual execution, but I still really enjoyed this book. It was faced paced and exciting. Definitely a cool new twist on the zombie genre. It left me highly anticipating the movie.

On Fire by Nancy Holder: Listen to my full review here. The book didn’t live up to my expectations, though I still enjoyed reading it. If you’re a fan of the TV show Teen Wolf, I would definitely give it a try, as it goes more into the backstory of some of the characters.

Corps Justice: Back to War by C.G. Cooper: I was pleasantly surprised by this book because it isn’t something I would normally pick up. But it was well written and full of some really great characters. I keep saying it’s like the A-Team meets the Avengers. The ending definitely left me in anticipation for book two.

Corps Justice: Council of Patriots by C.G. Cooper: I enjoyed this book just as much as the first one. It was on a grander scale than the first, which lent itself to the story. New characters are introduced that are both scary (in some cases) and awesome (in others). The ending of this one was even better than the first. Waiting to find out what happens is going to be painful.


So, there you have it. 26 books down! I’m hoping to do the same thing again this year, though I didn’t make it an official goal of mine. Still, I’d like to do the same amount or even better. My bookshelf is overflowing, so I should have no trouble finding some things to read!

Have you read any of these books? Which ones did you like the best? Are there any on this list that you’ve been meaning to read or are thinking about picking up now?

  1. EM Castellan says:

    I’ve added Warm Bodies to my TBR list after reading your review! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. The Warm Bodies cover really pulled me in… if it’s zombies, my guy might actually like it more than me.

  3. Wow! Awesome Job! I need to get a move on to complete my goal for this year… so many books so little time haha!

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