#ROW80 – R4C12 – Final Check-in for Round 4

Posted: December 23, 2012 in ROW80
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ROW80LogocopyThat’s a wrap, folks! Round 4 of ROW80 is over, as is my first year doing this writing challenge. It was such a wonderful experience, and I know I’m going to be hooked from here on out. I can’t wait until the first round of 2013 to start it all over again!

I’m going to do an overall recap of this round like I usually do when we reach the final check-in, then I’m going to do a comprehensive post containing everything I’ve gone through and accomplished in the last year. 2012 was such a life-changing year for me that I can’t wait to look back and see everything that happened.

Until then, here’s my fourth round recap.

  1. I read six books this round: The Mark of Athena, Eona, The Shoe Box Project (this is actually a novel-length fan-fiction), The Casual Vacancy, On Fire, and Warm Bodies.
  2. I began what is now my favorite project with Hypable: Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast, where Natalie and I discuss the show Teen Wolf in great detail. We’re already seven episodes in!
  3. I continued writing news articles and columns for Hypable.
  4. I have continued working with L.T. Ryan on his books and also gained C.G. Cooper. I’m so excited to start working with him now too. Great people, great writers! (Go read their books!!)
  5. I began working on a new story that has a lot of potential. I’ve lovingly dubbed it The Watch Story. What the title lacks in creativity, it makes up for in conciseness. 😉
  6. I began editing my main novel, which is my number one project. I’m now on version four of this thing, and it keeps getting stronger every time.
  7. I’ve also been putting the final touches on my short story collection. I feel like it’s coming together, and everything I’m changing with it now includes just minor details.
  8. I’ve been blogging for over a year! I’ve also hit 200 posts!!
  9. I turned 24. 😀
  10. Hypable is now getting close to 1.5 million unique visitors per month. This is so incredibly amazing for a site like ours, and I can’t even begin to express the pride I feel in being a part of the team.
  11. I had frog’s legs for the first time. Seriously tasted like chicken.
  12. I sent my press pass application in for the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. I should be finding out soon if it got accepted…
  13. I also got novacane in my mouth for the first time. Yes, this makes the list. Because it was awesome.

Not much in the way of writing, which is a little disappointing. However, I can’t deny that I’ve got a ton of great things going on outside of that, and that I’m very proud of what I did happen to accomplish in the last few months. Always gotta stay positive, and I think I did pretty well considering how busy I’ve been lately!

Hope you guys have had a great round too. And I hope to see you all next year with the first check-in!!

  1. Great accomplishments! I’m glad Hypable is getting such huge vibe! Congrats!
    Happy Holidays!

  2. EM Castellan says:

    Wow, you’ve done a lot this year, congrats! See you in 2013 and enjoy the holidays 🙂

  3. Julie Glover says:

    Wow, what a round you’ve had! Great job with ROW80.

    I must say that I wanted to high-five you with each item I read…until I got to #9. I read “24” and wanted to do a face-plant onto my keyboard. Oh my goodness, you’re like half my age! I’m especially wowed that you’ve done so much by age 24. How wonderful for you!

    Here’s to another great round in 2013. See you then!

    • Karen Rought says:

      Hahaha! Sometimes I don’t like mentioning my age because I feel like people won’t take me seriously! But it is what it is, I guess. I get along with people older than me more so than people my own age – always have! I never thought I really fit in with my own generation. But I’m just glad I found my calling at an early age. A lot of people aren’t that lucky!!

  4. S. J. Maylee says:

    I’m with Julie, although I think she’s older than 🙂 you’ve accomplished a lot already. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll accomplish next year.

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