There is no black and white answer

Posted: December 19, 2012 in General
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People like black and white. They like right and wrong. They like easy solutions that fix the problem with a snap of their fingers.

But those things don’t exist in the real world.

The answer to our biggest problems is not just one, simple fix. The sooner everyone realizes that, the sooner we’ll be able to get to a solution. The sooner we stop fighting amongst ourselves, the sooner we’ll be able to work together and start making some changes.

Yes, this is in reference to the shootings that occurred last week at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

I’m not an emotional person. I don’t cry a lot. Things that should probably bother me usually don’t. I have an iron stomach and an analytical mind. I believe that things happen for a reason, that there’s a hierarchy to nature, that we live in a world that still runs on a survival-of-the-fittest attitude.

But this? None of that applies to this.

Maybe it was because it was a bunch of kids. Maybe it was because we still don’t know why he did it. Maybe it’s because it’s been one time too many for my abnormally high tolerance of crazy. Does it really matter? No.

I think this shooting is going to hit home harder than some of the others. Not that the others didn’t hit home hard enough, but they were thrown at us by the media and then swept away once the next disaster came along. But these were kids. Not just kids, but children who were just beginning their life. They didn’t even have a chance to experience anything that this sometimes crazy, sometimes wonderful world has to offer.

They won’t get a chance to go to high school. Or prom. Or college. They won’t have a first kiss or get married. Have kids. Start a career. Travel the world. Become grandparents.

They didn’t even have a chance to have Christmas this year.

Those toys underneath the tree will go unopened. The stockings untouched. All the good little kids that were excited to see what Santa brought them won’t ever find out. And those Christmas morning giggles have been silenced forever.

Yeah, I’m angry. Yeah, I’m upset. Yeah, I’m beginning to think this planet is getting a little too crazy for my liking.

But let’s think about this logically.

Do I think people have a right to bear arms? Yes.

Do I think we need stricter gun control laws? Yes.

Do we need to throw people in jail if they’re mentally unstable and have committed crimes? Yes.

Do we need to better understand mental health issues? Yes.

Do we need to help parents who have children like the shooter, so they can take better care of their kids with the right resources and training? Yes.

Do the media need to stop glorifying the shooters? Yes.

Do the media need to keep reporting on these disasters so people won’t forget that the world is going crazy? Yes.

See? There’s no easy solution here. There’s no quick fix. People say that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Yeah, that’s true. But people kill people with guns. Others want us to have stricter gun laws, but can you take away something that we, as Americans, have had since our declaration as a country? The people of this country are spoiled, and they won’t settle for that – even if it means it’ll save lives.

There’s no easy solution here.

It’s like people who say video games cause violence. I don’t believe they do. Do they factor in to why a person may have suddenly gone on a shooting spree? Yeah, that’s definitely a possibility. But that’s just one single reason. You also have to think about genetics and whether or not they have a mental disease. How is their environment? Is it stable, or violent and disruptive? Do they have good parents, or are they neglected or abused? Are they bullied in school? Are they under a lot of pressure to perform well? Do they just want to prove they’re capable of entering a school with a gun and shooting down as many people as possible?

The reasons behind why these tragedies happen are never singular. There’s never one reason. It’s never JUST that he was troubled or JUST that he was bullied or JUST that he had low self-esteem.

So, why in the world would we think there was a singular solution to a problem like this?

Everyone with a voice on this matter, everyone who has a say in what happens in this country, needs to stop fighting with each other. We as people need to stop fighting with each other. Put aside our differences. Our solutions are both right and wrong, and they always will be until we learn to work together.

There is no black and white answer. We live in a grey world, and that’s how it has always been. Doing one thing or the other isn’t going to fix the problem. How many more people have to die until we figure that out?

How many more children?

  1. ddog13 says:

    This was a deep post right here. I agree that something must be done, but it’s a tricky issue, and I agree with your statements above. Great post. It was clearly very well thought out.

  2. “There is no black or white but what we decide it to be” – Tim The Film Guy

    Haha I am philosopher 😀

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