#ROW80 – R4C9 – A Good Week

Posted: December 2, 2012 in ROW80
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ROW80LogocopyHello, everyone! Hope you had a good week – I did! Nothing spectacular happened, but it was just a solid week of getting things done. Yesterday was a great day too. I locked myself in my computer room for pretty much the entire day and got some major projects off my plate. Whoo hoo! Love when that happens.

Main Goals:

The list is short and sweet, but it’s also mandatory. I’m keeping it easy, manageable, and attainable this round. I have to get back to what’s important for me as a writer.

  1. Write or edit every day. 2/7 Only got two days in for this goal. I wrote some extensive backstory for the novel I’m working on now because I needed to figure out what my MC’s parents were like before the start of the book, as it influences both the character and the plotline. It was fun! I did some editing yesterday and actually got a lot done there as well (more on that below).
  2. Read every day. 5/7 Reading every day is becoming much more habitual (not to mention enjoyable) and I’ve been moving through my To-Be Read list a lot quicker than as of late. I finished The Shoebox Project fan-fiction, which I wrote about on Monday (“The Anatomy of Fan-Fiction (And How it Can Make us Write Better”) and I also finished The Casual Vacancy. I definitely have some thoughts on it, so expect that on Friday. I’m now reading Warm Bodies.

Bonus Points:

These are goals I hope to accomplish this week. They aren’t mandatory, but if I have time I should attempt them. They can be anything from exercising to finishing a certain story to organizing my desk. This week I’ve decided on these:

  1. Take my latest beta reader feedback and update my short story collection. Did this! And now it’s off to another beta reader. I’m feeling more and more confident about this little collection, which is really exciting! My next goal is to continue writing about the backstory of my MC’s parents.
  2. Work on the tone/add details into chapters 1-3, and finish up chapter 4. I didn’t get a chance to do this yet, but it’s going to go at the top of my to-do list this week. I’m hoping to start working on it a little bit today as well.
  3. Keep up with my Facebook page on a daily basis. I did much, much better this week, but I want to keep this here as another reminder to do it. I also want to start using my page as a place to talk about the progress on my different projects in general. I follow several other authors/bloggers that do this, and I find it really interesting and enjoyable.

List of Awesome:

This is the list of things I’ve accomplished that don’t really have anything to do with ROW80 or the goals above. It’ll probably be mostly about Hypable and the things I’ve done over there, but I like sharing pictures and random things that are happening in my life. Everyone is always welcome to drop their own list of awesome in the comments below. I love reading them!

  1. I had to get two cavities filled this past week (they were small, I promise!) and so, therefore, got my first novacane injection. “And you’re putting this on your List of Awesome?” you ask, with one eyebrow raised. Yes, yes I am. I thought it was cool. It didn’t hurt at all (I have an excellent, top of the line dentist) and it was kind of neat touching my face and not actually being able to feel it. Haha, I know. I’m weird.
  2. The latest episode of Onceable is out, covering Once Upon a Time’s episode 2×08 “Into the Deep.”
  3. I SENT IN MY APPLICATION FOR A PRESS PASS TO GO TO THE SAN DIEGO COMIC CON NEXT YEAR. I’ll be representing Hypable and I’m so nervous and excited but it’s going to be really fun but holy crap I’ve never traveled that far on my own and I WILL FINALLY BE ABLE TO GO TO CALIFORNIA. This is a lifelong dream for no reason in particular other than the fact that California is far away and sunny and looks beautiful. So, yeah. Anticipation.
  4. I finished editing my short story collection and it’s now officially only 8 stories long. I don’t think I’m going to try to bump this up to 10 because everything I’ve tried to do so far to meet that hasn’t been up to par with the other stories. It’s out to another beta reader right now, and I can’t wait to hear what he has to say. It gets stronger and stronger each time I send it out!
  5. I was lucky enough to be a beta reader for Chris Stocking’s novel, War of the Devices, which is the second book in the London Darkness series. It was a great read with lots of twists and turns, and the ending left me with my jaw on the ground. I can’t wait to read the next one!
  6. I totally forgot to tell you guys that last week I exercised THREE TIMES. Holy cow, that was awesome. Yay for getting Just Dance 4!!! This week I also exercised once, which I thought was pretty good anyway. Hopefully I’ll be doing more this coming week as well.


I get 5 points for every main goal I complete, and 1 point for every bonus goal.

Week 1: 25
Week 2: 15
Week 3: 15
Week 4: 26
Week 5: 17
Week 6: 38
Week 7: 40
Week 8: 50
WEEK 9: 37

Quite the drop this week, but it doesn’t bother me one bit. I got a lot done. A lot of things that don’t show up when I do these check-ins, so I’m happy. It was a good week.

Do you think novacane is cool? Are you going to SDCC next year? What’s your favorite way to exercise?

  1. Yay for a week of getting things done!!! And novacane is definitely cool…the weird/neat bit is how totally numb your mouth goes…not even regular numb but dead, dead numb…

    And exercising to music is the best. I personally listen to peppy K-Pop…yeah…I’m an odd one… 🙂
    And YAY for California! Are you going to pop by Hollywood while you’re there?

    • Karen Rought says:

      Yes, totally! Glad I’m not the only one who thinks that about novacane. I definitely can’t exercise without music, and I really enjoy dancing in order to exercise. I’ll be in San Diego for comic con, so that’s probably what my California experience will be focused on.

  2. I think you’re going to enjoy California, although when you’re at a major con you’re not going to see much of anything but the con. But it’s COMICON — that is like California on steroids anyway.

    As for your fanfic essay — I think more people are taking a look at the hidden values in it – especially in gaining courage to express yourself. I wrote something last year about the usefulness of Mary Sue.

  3. S. J. Maylee says:

    I love this happy place you’re in. You’re getting all kinds of stuff done, not stressing about what can be done tomorrow, and you sound happy. Plus you even went to the dentist, which I detest. You go girl. 🙂

  4. Julie Glover says:

    That is awesome about Comic Con! How fun will that be!

    Keep at the short story collection, and I’m crossing my fingers that you can at least find a third day to write or edit this week. Have a good one!

  5. EM Castellan says:

    The writing is going well, that’s awesome 🙂 And OMG about Comic Con! I really hope you get to go! I’m excited for you! Hope you have a great week!

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