#ROW80 – R4C7 – I would like some turkey now, please

Posted: November 18, 2012 in ROW80
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Another good week, you guys! It was pretty productive and I got some big projects done, which is always something to be happy about.

Also wanted to thank everyone who answered my question from last week about how I should go about editing my MS. I think I’ve decided to meet somewhere in the middle and do a small chunk of several chapters at a time. Right now, I have to work on the tone of those first few chapters, so I need to pause where I am (just finished chapter 3) and go back and fix that.

Main Goals:

The list is short and sweet, but it’s also mandatory. I’m keeping it easy, manageable, and attainable this round. I have to get back to what’s important for me as a writer.

  1. Write or edit every day. 1/7 Just one day of editing this week, but I got a whole chapter done. No writing in terms of my own stuff, but I did quite a few news articles and columns, so it’s not like I was slacking!
  2. Read every day. 7/7 Blew this one out of the water! I’m already 150+ pages into The Casual Vacancy and I’m actually enjoying it (I’ve heard a lot of opinions to the contrary so I was expecting the worst). Regardless of the plot (or lack thereof), the writing is just stunning.

Bonus Points:

These are goals I hope to accomplish this week. They aren’t mandatory, but if I have time I should attempt them. They can be anything from exercising to finishing a certain story to organizing my desk. This week I’ve decided on these:

  1. Take my latest beta reader feedback and update my short story collection. Nope. Didn’t even have a chance.
  2. Finish editing chapters 3 and 4. Got chapter 3 done, but I need to go back. This week I want to work on the tone/add details into chapters 1-3, and finish up chapter 4.
  3. Keep up with my Facebook page on a daily basis. Yeah, this didn’t go according to plan. Keeping this one here for this week too!

List of Awesome:

This is the list of things I’ve accomplished that don’t really have anything to do with ROW80 or the goals above. It’ll probably be mostly about Hypable and the things I’ve done over there, but I like sharing pictures and random things that are happening in my life. Everyone is always welcome to drop their own list of awesome in the comments below. I love reading them!

  1. I wrote two columns on Hypable this week. The first one was about the similarities and differences between Teen Wolf the 1980s movie and Teen Wolf the TV show. The second one was titled: “Twilight transformations: How the trio has changed.” This one has an amazing full page design. I worked closely with our main graphic designer and we teamworked this into something awesome!
  2. I turned 24 on Thursday and have basically been enjoying a whole 4 day weekend of celebrations with family and friends. 😀
  3. When I went out to dinner with my dad at a Chinese restaurant, I tried so many new things! Liked most of them, including frog’s legs!
  4. A new Onceable came out this week! We talk about episode 2×07 of Once Upon a Time, “Child of the Moon.”
  5. Another beta reader got back to me about my short story collection. More positive feedback!
  6. Andrew, who co-owns Hypable, told us the other day that in one month’s time, Hypable hit ONE MILLION unique visitors to the site. I’m simultaneously terrified and thrilled at this news. Either way, I’m so invested in what we’re doing. I believe in Hypable so much, you guys!
  7. Speaking of Hypable, I got my good friend Alex on the team. She’s going to be a graphic designer. It’s so exciting!!


I get 5 points for every main goal I complete, and 1 point for every bonus goal.

Week 1: 25
Week 2: 15
Week 3: 15
Week 4: 26
Week 5: 17
Week 6: 38
Week 7: 40

Whooo, another high score!

Who’s ready for Thanksgiving? I need some turkey sandwiches!!!

  1. EM Castellan says:

    Happy birthday! You’re doing great with the editing, keep it up 🙂

  2. S. J. Maylee says:

    Happy Birthday, Karen, let the celebration continue. 40 points, nice work. Exciting news about Hypable, I’m happy for you. Reading everyday is going to fuel you up and keep you going, that’s a great goal to repeat. Have a good one.

  3. Gloria Weber says:

    Belated happy birthday. You are so busy and accomplishing so much. Keep it up! You’d have to tie me to a chair and force my mouth open to try frog legs. That means on top of everything else you are brave too! Keep being awesome.

    • Karen Rought says:

      Haha, thank you! Honestly – *honestly* – it tastes just like chicken. You wouldn’t even be able to taste the difference if you didn’t know better. And I’ve actually had plenty of chicken that’s tasted worse than the frog. You should try it sometime! You might be surprised. 🙂

      • Gloria Weber says:

        Funny you should say “it tastes like chicken” because that’s been on my mind (regarding world building a planet int eh future). Does stuff taste like chicken on other planets or could stuff there have a planet wide universal taste?

        But, you said enough to have me possibly consider it. I like chicken, especially on a stick.

        • Karen Rought says:

          That’s an awesome question! I think it would be funny to think that each planet has something that is their “chicken.” It would make for a great and humorous detail to put that in a story.

          The thing with chicken always reminds me of The Matrix when that one guy asks if everything tastes like chicken or if the computers just couldn’t figure out what chicken tastes like so they made it taste like everything. (And now I really want to watch The Matrix and eat chicken…)

  4. alberta says:

    unless your country do it differently from Europe please dont eat frogs legs 😦
    Great week, well done and a happy birthday backwards to when it was:) all the best for this week and keep smiling

    • Karen Rought says:

      Thanks, Alberta. I’m not sure how the frogs are cultivated or prepared. It’s a cultural thing though and I believe in being respectful of that, which is why I always attempt to try new food whenever I can.

  5. Julie Glover says:

    Happy birthday! I celebrate in November too…but my number is much higher (45). Great job getting stuff done. Glad you’re enjoying the book. I love getting saturated in a wonderful novel. Have a lovely week, Karen.

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