#ROW80 – R4C4 – Movin’ on up

Posted: October 28, 2012 in ROW80
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This week was a good week, you guys. Very excited to share what I’ve done.



Main Goals:

The list is short and sweet, but it’s also mandatory. I’m keeping it easy, manageable, and attainable this round. I have to get back to what’s important for me as a writer.

  1. Write or edit every day. 4/7 I edited on three of these days and actually finished ALL the edits on my short story collection. That was way quicker than I thought I was going to get it done, and I’m so excited! It’s off to a couple of beta readers now – fingers crossed! I also wrote on two of the days. I started a new story (oops) that I’m pretty excited about. It’s got a lot of potential for a whole series of books that can be sequels or standalones. This is just going to be a side project now, as I’m looking forward to editing my main novel at this point and really need to focus on that.
  2. Read every day. 1/7 Just one day, but it’s better than none. Will finish this book soon. I’m sooo close.

Bonus Points:

These are goals I hope to accomplish this week. They aren’t mandatory, but if I have time I should attempt them. They can be anything from exercising to finishing a certain story to organizing my desk. This week I’ve decided on these:

  1. Plan out three blog posts for next week so I’m prepared. I’m getting better at this, but I’m having trouble getting three blog posts out a week. Planning ahead is going to help and I’m hoping that this week is the week that I’m finally able to do it.
  2. Exercise at least once. I DID IT YOU GUYS. I played some DDR and Just Dance and I’ve been sore all week, LOL. But it felt nice to get back into it, and I’m hoping I can work in at least a few exercising days, even if this isn’t a main goal of mine anymore. New goal: Begin editing my novel.
  3. Visit three ROW80 blogs and comment. *Ducks head* My inbox is so backed up right now, but I WILL get to this and soon!

List of Awesome:

This is the list of things I’ve accomplished that don’t really have anything to do with ROW80 or the goals above. It’ll probably be mostly about Hypable and the things I’ve done over there, but I like sharing pictures and random things that are happening in my life. Everyone is always welcome to drop their own list of awesome in the comments below. I love reading them!

  1. A new Onceable is out – we discuss the Once Upon a Time episode titled “The Crocodile.”
  2. A new NATW Podcast is also out, where we rehash 1×01 and 1×02 of Teen Wolf, plus discuss the really sad news that Colton has left the show. 😦 Also, the title of this week’s podcast episode is called “Three Open-Legged Visits,” so how can you NOT want to go listen to that??
  3. Yesterday was my mom’s birthday! We ODed on ice cream cake and pie and bought lots of books. A perfect day. 😀
  4. I got the Writer’s Digest magazine in the mail and finally have a copy (okay, several copies) of it because my name is in it! This is probably the only time I can say, “This one time I was in the same magazine as George R.R. Martin. BAM!”


I get 5 points for every main goal I complete, and 1 point for every bonus goal.

Week 1: 25
Week 2: 15
Week 3: 15
Week 4: 26

Whooo! One extra point and I’ve already beaten my best. Can you guys believe it’s already been a month since the round started??

What’s the best thing you’ve accomplished this past week?

  1. EM Castellan says:

    Congrats on having your name in the Writer’s Digest Magazine, this is awesome 🙂 And yeah for a good writing week!

  2. CANDY! Bah, with the hurricane headed here, I don’t think we’ll have a Halloween after all =(
    Congrats on the short story award! And having your name on the magazine!
    Have a great week!

    • Karen Rought says:

      Aw man. 😦 Is your little one old enough to enjoy Halloween? Or won’t she really miss out given the weather? If the power doesn’t go out, it might be a good environment to watch some spooky movies though!!

  3. Great job, Karen! And getting your name in Writer’s Digest? Oh, YEAH!

  4. Julie Glover says:

    Ta-da! How cool to have your name in Writer’s Digest!!! Glad you finished editing your collection. I also did a day of Just Dance, and that’s a fun way to get in exercise. Have a great week, Karen!

    • Karen Rought says:

      Just Dance is super fun! It never feels like exercise to me and I just like turning it up super loud and dancing like nobody’s watching. (Which, thankfully, is usually the case.)

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