Wandering Bard: Spain (La Alhambra)

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Wandering Bard
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Okay, we’ve traveled back to every country I’ve been to except for one – Spain! I have a lot of regrets about Spain. I minored in Spanish, but I was too nervous to use it while we were there. My greatest achievement was asking if something had ham on it (jamón), and not mixing it up with the word for soap (jabón). Although, I think the amount of food I ate there makes up for a lot of my mistakes. I had true Spanish paella, and that’s about as good as it gets, people.

So, today we are in Granada, Spain at La Alhambra (pronounced: Ahl-ahm-brah). This is a group of three palaces and some royal gardens that were built between 1338 and 1390 by the Moorish (Islamic) people.

The really neat thing about this place is that there are absolutely, positively NO water pumps. All the water seen in Alhambra is gravity fed and comes from the nearby mountains. Water was a sign of prosperity, power, and wealth, so there were a lot of fountains in these gardens. Imagine what this would’ve looked like to someone living in the 14th century, when even those who were lucky enough to live above the poverty line would’ve looked on at these gardens in awe.

This is one of my favorite shots from La Alhambra!

The place was beautiful and ornately built, but as usual I like to let my pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!

This shows an overview of the city of Granada from one of the higher points in the palace.

This is one of the cute little orchards tucked away near one of the buildings.

La Alhambra resident puppy!! (I promise he’s just sleeping!)

The summer palace.

The intricately carved wall and a window for the harem to “see and not be seen.”

One of the MANY beautiful courtyards.

A trellis that I’m sure would’ve looked fabulous in the summer (we were there in March).

Cool story: We learned in Cordoba (later on) that when the oranges have a big leaf they are good to eat, but when they have a big leaf and a little leaf they aren’t – they’re bitter! The locals always know a tourist when they see one because of this. (These look a little too shriveled to eat…)

Have you ever been to Spain? Have you been to La Alhambra? What’s one regret you have in regards to traveling to a foreign country?

  1. Julie Glover says:

    Yay, you mentioned Cordoba! My aunt is from Cordoba, Spain. I would love to visit. These pictures are amazing, Karen! That fountain is so cool, and the architecture and gardens are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. ddog13 says:

    Wow! Beautiful pictures.

  3. […] in May, I did a post on La Alhambra, a group of palaces built by the Moorish people in Granada, Spain back in the mid to late 1300s. My […]

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