The Madman in the Big Blue Box

Posted: April 30, 2012 in TV Shows
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So, no one even attempted to guess what today’s blog post was going to be about. No biggie, because you’re getting it anyway. 😉 My clues were, “blue,” “hair,” and “travel.” Obviously this could only lead to one subject: Doctor Who.

I had heard about Doctor Who a while ago, but I’ve been inundated with snippets here and there of the new seasons since following Hypable and then working for them. I’ve also been wanting to increase my nerdiness repertoire, and what better way to do that than delving into some science fiction?

So, lucky for me, Netflix has the previous six seasons on streaming. I sat down at my computer late one night and began the first episode. It was…strange. But I don’t give up on things easily (call it a blessing or a curse). The next day I watched the next episode and it was a definite improvement. By the time I watched the third or fourth one I was hooked! By the time I reached the third season, I was literally watching an episode a day at least. I needed my Doctor Who time no matter what!

So, maybe at this point I should explain my clues to those of you who aren’t quite in the know. I’m not going to give away a whole lot about the show, because I knew nothing about it when I started watching it and I really enjoyed that. First of all, blue is the color of the Doctor’s time machine, which he calls the TARDIS – this is obviously where the “travel” clue comes in as well. And, as far as hair goes? It’s a tossup between David Tennant and Matt Smith for whose hair is more fabulous (but I’d wager on Smith’s, personally).

Matt Smith is on the left and David Tennant is on the right.

Basically the premise of the show is this: The Doctor travels along time and space in his nifty blue box and saves the world from aliens. It’s a bit more complex than that and a lot better in terms of story development. Actually, I’d say that’s one of my favorite things about this show: the story. It’s intelligent and witty, and it really does keep you on your toes. It acts like a really good book – it’s one in the morning, your eyes are just about glued shut from bleariness, but you just can’t go to bed yet. Just one more episode!

This show has been running on and off since the 1960’s and, believe it or not, there’s been no less than eleven different men playing The Doctor. But the cool thing about this is that you don’t need to have seen the older versions of the show to understand this one, although I’m sure they’ve paid homage to the original series and it’s just flown by my radar. I do want to watch the older shows eventually, as I think it would be really neat to see the origin story of The Doctor.

Another cool thing about this show is that it’s not that complicated. I know that I used to stay away from sci-fi because I just didn’t get it. But this isn’t like that. Sure, The Doctor gets wrapped up in his wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff (his words) sometimes, but it isn’t beyond grasping. Actually, I think it really adds to the character and you don’t need to understand the technical stuff to enjoy the show.


I love this show in so many ways. My favorite Doctor has to be Matt Smith’s – he has this quirkiness about him that is so endearing. My favorite bad guy has to be the Weeping Angels, because they just scare the socks off of me. And, in that sense, “Blink” is probably my favorite episode. In this episode, the way the story-line unfolds throughout all the different layers and eventually comes full circle is amazing!

Oddly enough, I have no gripes about this show. There are obviously things that have made me sad and things that I haven’t liked, but it fits so well into the story that you’re left thinking, of course things had to end up this way, how else would everything work out in the end?

So, who would I recommend this show to? Just about anyone. If you hate sci-fi, then this isn’t for you. But otherwise? Yeah, pretty much anyone. It’s funny and dramatic and gripping and beautiful. The bad guys are scary, the good guys are three-dimensional, and the universe is so perfectly built that it makes you want to go outside and stare up at the stars to see if you can spot the TARDIS.

(And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, the new season starts up in the fall, so you’ve got plenty of time to get through the previous seasons before then!)

So, what do you think? For those of you who haven’t seen the show, have I convinced you to watch it? For those that have seen it, what do you like about it? Who is your favorite reincarnation of The Doctor? Your favorite bad guy? Your favorite episode?

And, most importantly, if a madman in a big blue box gave you all of time and space, would you take it? (I know I would!)

  1. I LOVE Doctor Who. I think my favorite Doctor is Christopher Eccleton, but then I like just about everything he’s been in 🙂 But watching Eccleton’s Doctor is what really put Doctor Who on the radar for me. I’d seen a few shows here and there but watching the 2005 session is what had me going back through Netflix to watch all the other sessions, well as much as they have anyway. I’m not sure I can name a favorite episode. Bad guy…geez…I love the Weeping Angels, especially the 2-part episode Time of Angels (I think it was). But the Daleks…I love how they keep turning up even after we THINK the Doctor has defeated them.

    And, most importantly, if a madman in a big blue box gave you all of time and space, would you take it? — Hell, yeah 😀

    • Karen Rought says:

      I really liked Eccleston until David Tennant came along and blew him out of the water. But Eccleston set up a lot of the character for the series, and I’ll definitely always credit him for that. I just found the later Doctors to be a lot more three-dimensional. I still love when he says, “Fantastic!” though. 🙂

  2. Julie Glover says:

    My sons and I watched the first episode of the rebooted Doctor Who, but I wasn’t sure whether we should watch more. It was an interesting, but not that well-executed, pilot. It sounds like we should try another. Thanks, Karen!

    • Karen Rought says:

      I think I kept going on after the pilot because I had heard so many good things about the series as a whole. I highly recommend giving it another shot, as it really does start to pick up through the next few episodes. The second season is LOADS better, and it just keeps getting more amazing after that. I think you’ll really enjoy it!

  3. Amber West says:

    Love Doctor Who – Tennant is definitely my favorite, although I did warm up to Smith (after my mourning period 🙂 ).

    Blink – definitely one of THE BEST episodes. And a great one for non-watchers to watch to get a feel for the show. (It can stand alone I think, without there being too much confusion)

    • Karen Rought says:

      I definitely had a mourning period after Tennant left too, but Smith quickly won me over. There was just something about his child-like silliness that made me really connect to him. I still love Tennant, though, and he definitely left a good mark during his time on the show.

      “Blink” was perfect is SO many ways. I actually showed it to my best friend (who had never even heard of the show before) and it didn’t confuse her at all – because it does make a good stand-alone episode. I think all I had to mention was that he was a time traveler and that the big blue thing was his time machine, lol. She’s interested in watching more now. Whoo hoo!

  4. I’ve been a fan of Dr Who since way back. Wish I had my own TARDIS!

  5. I miss David Tennant. The latest Doctor is fine but the writing in seasons 5 and 6 has become more and more cringeworthy and that saddens me as I love the show. I think seasons 1 to 4 with all their flaws they are the best.

    • Karen Rought says:

      I like the overall complexity of the latest seasons, but Tennant’s reign is still high in my mind. I really love how each person gets to bring a different personality to their Doctor. It keeps it all interesting and fresh!

      • Yes each new doctor needs to bring something different to the role.

        When watching series or a movie (and it also applies to books), I usually rate very high the immersion factor. I don’t want to be distracted and start thinking with my writer’s hat on. I just want to be immersed in the episode or the movie (or the book). The first four series were very successful at that but the last two seasons, despite the, sometimes overly complex storyline, they make me lose the immersion and start thinking about the writing behind it.

        There was a big shift in themes also, which rather disturbed me. It went into the whole “family is sacred” theme and the story became more about Rory and Amy (both of whom I really dislike and despise now) and less about Doctor’s adventures and how he saves the universe.

        Overall I’d say that my favourite season was the fourth where I thought Katherine Tate was the best ever companion to the Doctor. No unnecessary romantic melodrama, just pure adventure and a solid plot line running through the whole season.

  6. Jenny Hansen says:

    OK, I’m gonna admit it…I’ve never seen it! But you’ve got me intrigued. 🙂

  7. Debra Kristi says:

    I watched one season of this, but I’d swear it was red, not blue, then. 😐

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