Things that Make Me Miss My Childhood

Posted: April 16, 2012 in General
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I’ve been feeling kind of nostalgic lately, you guys. I’ve decided to write up a blog post to make me feel better. Here are all the things that make me miss my childhood.

(And before you laugh, YES I am a 90’s kid. I’m only 23. Cut me some slack. 😛 )

Video Games

You can blame my choice of video games on my cousin. He started it.

Donkey Kong - How could you not love this guy?

My cousin used to get rid of all the bad guys in a level, and then let me go around and blow up all the computers. I was too scared to try to fight the bad guys on my own.

And this is what we played it on. We didn't even know what a CD was at that point.

And lastly - any wrestling game. Yeah, I don't know why either. And this guy happened to be my favorite: The Undertaker. Kind of morbid, right?

Music Videos

I don’t care what you say, these are the five music videos that basically defined my childhood (and my taste in music).

N*Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye”
(Chris was my favorite, by the way. I’m still not sure why.)

Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time”
(I also have to admit that I must be on the verge of getting old. Someone in the comments section for that video said they had just heard this song for the first time two days ago. *sigh*)

Eminem’s “The Real Slim Shady”
(How ironic that he picks on both N*Sync and Britney Spears in this video, haha.)

Spice Girls
(Not sure if this is my favorite song or video – it’s too hard to pick – but the song is a great sum of what the Spice Girls were like.)

Destiny’s Child
(This is by far my favorite DC video, and one of the best videos I’ve seen in general.)

Other Games

Tamagotchi: Because what kid doesn't want to carry around a tiny alien egg in their pocket?

Yes, I still have my Pokemon card collection. No, I'm never getting rid of them. (**Not actually my cards)

Pretty sure Pogs were popular for about a year or two before they fell off the face of the earth. Also pretty sure kids "these days" wouldn't have a clue what they were.

Four Square: The most brutal recess game at my school. We were so into it, they even let us play it in gym class.


Bugs Bunny. A classic. How can you not love him. (Also, the new cartoons look weird, and I refuse to watch them.)

Pikachu was (is), of course, my favorite Pokemon.

I really don't know why, but I always loved the Road Runner.

Jupiter was my favorite because she got to wear a green dress.

Donatello was my favorite one because he was smart! (Besides, they're ALL green, so I had to choose my next favorite color - purple!)

Storm was, by far, my favorite, but I always had a soft spot for Wolverine, too.

TV Shows

I never was crazy about Prue, so I didn't mind when they replaced her. Piper was always my favorite!

This show was so amazing! I have yet to see all the episodes, so it's a good thing that my best friend is slowly collecting all the seasons. 😉

TRL was a great show! I'm glad Carson is on The Voice now, so I get to watch him on my TV again.

Apparently I used to race home every day to watch the Power Rangers. I don't even remember why I liked it so much, but it was great! The yellow one was my favorite because she had those awesome Sais. Plus, she turned into a saber-toothed tiger!

And, finally, Hercules, whose awesomeness went hand in hand with Xena's.


Fireballs! These were great.

If anyone other than my dad made me toaster strudels, they tasted weird. And he always "designed" them for me. It was usually pretty cool, except for that one time he wrote "X-Files" on one just to freak me out. (I had a strange childhood fear of that show.)

I remember everyone used to have these on the bus, but I could never eat them. WAY too sour for me.

And here's the one thing from my childhood that started this whole post: Schweppe's Ginger Ale. It was pretty much the only soda I was allowed to drink at my dad's house. I just had some the other day and BOY did that bring back (good) memories!

I applaud you for making it through this gigantic list! If you’re a 90’s kid, did I miss anything? And if you’re not, what things from your childhood do you have fond memories of?

  1. BelleofMountains says:

    Wow…your 90s was much different than my 90s…then again, I was a preschooler during the 90s…my world concerned mostly Barbies and hogging toys…

  2. Stacy Green says:

    Well, I’m an eighties kid, but I miss some of these, too. Although I still love Eminem. TRL was a great show, and Bugs Bunny is a classic. So much better than today’s cartoons.

    • Karen Rought says:

      I think I had some 80’s influence in my early years, so I could’ve probably expanded the list. I love that you love Eminem – he’s my favorite! And today’s cartoons? I can’t even watch them. They’re terrible and they all look funny.

  3. Though I was born in the eighties, I remember all these things.
    I was all about Barbie too!
    LOL Thanks for the fun, Karen!

  4. Julie Glover says:

    Good heavens, I feel old. I loved reading your nostalgia, though. I’m mostly a child of the 80s (a bit in the 70s too). However, I did once do a post about How Well Do You Know the 90s: Fun stuff!

    • Karen Rought says:

      Haha, I had a feeling some of you guys would be making a remark like this. Don’t worry, it makes me feel kind of like a youngin’ sometimes, but I feel like I have an old soul – that counts, right? I’m SO checking out your 90’s post. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Man, do I feel old reading this, LOL. Road Runner was always my favorite, Bugs a close second 🙂 Where was this during the ROW80 throwback party?

    • Karen Rought says:

      I was slightly confused and a little busy during the throwback party, so I decided not to take part. Sorry!! The 90’s couldn’t have been as interesting as some of those other decades though! I’d rather leave it to the professionals. 😉

  6. I’m 30 so I’m not too far removed, and a lot of these things brought back good memories 🙂

  7. ddog13 says:

    I want to comment on every point you brought up here but I can’t. I grew up on those 007 games. They were hard, I understand why you were scared. Great music choice with Eminem. he was at his prime in the 90’s…when he had his issues…but his music was at an all time high. (no pun intended.) Tomigatche was also big, but i never actually got into it. Great list!

    • Karen Rought says:

      Don’t you hate when that happens? I get that way too! Of course, I don’t think you could ever go wrong with Eminem, but that’s just my opinion! 😉 I think his best album was the Marshall Mathers LP. He didn’t have nearly as many issues during that album as he did during Encore and Relapse (drug-wise, anyway). I feel like he’s changed a lot circa Recovery, but in a good way. I like his new sound, and I’m really glad he’s better now.

  8. Debra Kristi says:

    You just made me feel old. 😦 Loved Charmed, Xena and Hercules. Still love ginger ale.

  9. Dad says:

    Ooooh, X FILES! I remember how that creeped you out. You know me. Always a teaser. Btw, you could have drank other beverages. I just bought Schweppes because it has a crisp clean taste. I’ll say hi to Mulder and Scully for you. HAHA!

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