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Posted: April 8, 2012 in ROW80
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Ah, first check in of the round! I’m feeling sort of nostalgic. It’s nice to be back in the swing of things again!

First the updates, then a bit fun and trivial news.

  1. Exercise for half an hour a day, five days a week. Incomplete. I managed four days, so it wasn’t too bad. I’m also having trouble sticking to a full half hour. I just have so much I want to do that exercise feels like a waste of time. Plus, I think I’m getting bored of it again. I must find a way to keep it interesting!
  2. Each Sunday, visit Writer’s Market for at least a half an hour. Incomplete. Nope, didn’t even attempt it. I WILL do it today. If I come back next week and tell you that I didn’t do it again, feel free to beat me with your keyboards. Seriously.
  3. Write every day. Incomplete. I missed Monday and Wednesday, but I’m not that bummed about it. I wrote quite a bit yesterday, on a few different projects, so I’m pretty happy. I like the idea of counting any sort of writing for this goal. It gives me a lot of freedom to work on what I feel like working on at the moment.
  4. Read every day. Incomplete. I missed Monday and Wednesday with this goal. I’ve been reading about a page every night. I do not feel like picking up this book and finishing it. (For those of you from the last round, I’m still trying to get through Tiger’s Voyage.) I know I just need to grit my teeth and do it, so I can move onto more interesting books. (And, for the record, I liked the previous two books and the beginning of this one. I’m just tired of love triangles and indecisive teenagers. I think (read: desperately hope) the next two books will be better.)
  5. Plot L2. Complete. This is the only one I actually completed! It’s a very rough outline, but it has allowed me to figure out where all the holes in my story are. I’m going to call this “done” and move onto my next goal. The next one is finish writing “The Necklace,” which is one of my short stories. I hope to get this done in the next week and have a brand new goal to start working on by the following Sunday.

I really enjoy having a fluctuating goal, since that seems to keep my interest a bit more than the other ones. It feels strange to not have a blogging goal, but the last round really cemented that as a habit, so I don’t actually need to make it a goal. That’s a great feeling!

The teeny bit of news I wanted to share was just that I’m now on the staff page for Hypable! Check out my bio here. Hope you like it! 🙂

Happy ROWing, everyone!

  1. Good luck on completing your goals.. it can be tough sometimes.. life gets in the way.. so true for me. I didn’t even think of adding Writer’s Market visits to my goal list.

    Take care!

  2. Ryan King says:

    I hear you on the exercise being boring. I have to use music to keep me motivated there. Sounds like Monday and Wednesday were crazy days. Congrats on getting the plotting done and getting on the staff page 🙂

    • Karen Rought says:

      I play DDR and Just Dance to exercise, so the music is built right in! It can still get tiresome, though, when my head is full of other things I want to do. Thank you for stopping by!!

  3. BelleofMountains says:

    Keep up the good work! 🙂 Have you tried listening to audio books instead? It might make reading easier, and then you can maybe do other stuff while listening – like exercise or something! I’ve been trying to read more but my eyes couldn’t take the stress and I didn’t have the time – so audio books have been the way to go.

    Off to go check out your staff page now…. 🙂

    • Karen Rought says:

      I usually don’t have a problem getting time into reading, it’s just this darn book! It’s been hard to finish up the last few chapters. Is it weird I feel like audiobooks are cheating? lol

      • BelleofMountains says:

        Well, haha…in that case I’m a big cheater….I never really used audio books much until my eyes refused to let me read anymore. Then I realised audio books are actually pretty awesome. Sometimes a story’s better when read. (And sometimes not – it just depends!) 🙂

  4. Breezy Vee says:

    Good job on your goals! It’s nice that your allowing yourself flexibility!
    Good luck this coming week!

  5. Juliana Haygert says:

    Woot for Hypable! And woot for your goals too! Even though you had some incomplete, there was progress in all areas!

    • Karen Rought says:

      Woots all around! There once was a time when I would’ve been disappointed with all of those incompletes, but not I look at it as progress is progress. I think that’s the way to go!

  6. Julie Glover says:

    I get bored with exercise too. I have to give myself some goal to meet or fool myself into thinking I’m dancing not working out (thank you, Zumba). Best wishes with that one!

    On that book you haven’t finished, do what you want, but I would hurl that baby out the window. I have become downright merciless when it comes to not finishing books that haven’t got my attention after 50 pages. Life is too short, there are too many good books I want to read, and it may just be a mismatch between me and the writer. I figure it isn’t personal, and I move on. That’s my free advice, and it’s worth what you paid for it. 😉

    Best wishes on your goals! Feels good to get that plot down, I’m sure. Knock ’em dead this week.

    • Karen Rought says:

      I play DDR and Just Dance because that’s the only thing that (usually) keeps me interested. I tried Zumba once, but I was totally confused! I have a very hard time putting books aside if I’ve already started them. This one was good up until the last few chapters, then it totally just fell off for me. I’m hoping the next few books are better, so I definitely want to finish this one. Best of luck on everything you’re doing, too!

  7. Congrats on being added to the Hypable staff page. That’s very cool 🙂

  8. ronetw says:

    Hey, what a wonderful check in, we’re the same, we have just started diet round 3… as the other two kind of failed (in a bad way). So today we have invested in a set of weights and are considering entering into the world of jogging/walking etc.

    Possibly one way to keep it interesting is too do it with a friend or partner.. that always helps… or set yourself goals… if your goal driven so rather than doing a full 30 mins knock it down further so 10 minutes of jogging etc and so on and so fourth… sort of sub goals.

    Hope this helps…

    • Karen Rought says:

      Sub goals might be a good idea, although I have a feeling that if I walked away from it, I wouldn’t go back! But that might be a good way to get in my exercise and my reading. I could exercise for 10 minutes, read a few pages, then go back to exercising. Thanks for the great idea!!

  9. Callene Rapp says:

    You may not have hit them all, but you are making progress! I think you did pretty darn good, and hey, it’s week one! Lots of time to get there!

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