Movie Review: Dane Cook – Rough around the Edges

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Movies
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Bottom Line:

Don’t watch it.


I loved Dane Cook from the moment that I heard his Burger King skit. He’s so loud and full of energy, and he’s always jumping around the stage. He doesn’t hold anything back, either. He can be pretty explicit, but he is such a funny guy. I was also surprised by how well he was in Employee of the Month. (I thought that movie was going to bomb, but it was actually…not bad!)

(Here’s the BK skit. I love this animated version. You can find a different live version on YouTube, if you’re interested in watching that instead. We’re entering potty mouth territory up ahead, so make sure to clear the kids from the room.)


So, Rough around the Edges. I didn’t like it. It’s obviously not because I’m not a Dane Cook fan – I am! He’s definitely in my top five favorite stand-up comedians of all time. But this special just wasn’t all that funny to me. There were a couple of parts that I laughed at, but the majority of it just fell flat. He got even more overt in this one, and I think that’s part of the reason why I didn’t enjoy it. You can only listen to someone talk about the same topic (ie. sex and masturbation) so many times before it just isn’t funny anymore. Sorry, Dane. Hope you have better luck next time.

As an added bonus, here’s another clip that I find particularly funny. My friends had a good laugh (at my expense) when I discovered this one…

  1. ddog13 says:

    The second video is one I heard on XM radio! It’s so true! Nice to hear it again 🙂

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