The Hunger Games Trailer #2 – Analysis & Opinion

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Movies
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Another trailer for The Hunger Games has been released, and I’m here to break it down for you. I did this for the first one, which you can check out here. I’m using the video below for this analysis.


By the time we hit 14 seconds, we learn that the moviemakers have already strayed from the book. Katniss gives Prim the mockingjay pin, as a promise that nothing bad will happen to her. We can assume that Prim will give it back to Katniss before she leaves for the capitol. Some people are upset by the decision to leave Madge out of the movie, but most seem pretty okay with it. I’m with the latter group. She didn’t have a huge role in the book(s), and I’d rather see her go than something more important.

At 15 seconds we see an overview of District 12 gathering for the Reaping. Snow is on the video monitor, and he says, “Welcome and happy Hunger Games.” You see Katniss and Prim finding their spots in the crowd, before Effie says, “I just love that.” We get a quick clip from the previous trailer where Prim’s name is drawn and Katniss volunteers to take her spot.

At 30 seconds we see Gale saying, “you’re stronger than they are,” and Katniss replies that “there’s twenty-four of us, Gale. Only one comes out.” This is interspersed with shots of Cato hacking up dummies with his sword in the training room.

At 34 seconds we see Prim yelling out as a Peacekeeper takes her away. This looks like it is taking place after Katniss has already been chosen and in the room where they get to say their goodbyes. Directly after, we see Katniss crying and saying, “Take care of them, Gale. Whatever you do, don’t let them starve.” (*sob*)

At 37 seconds the train leads them into the Capitol, and then there’s a shot of Katniss standing up in a simple yellow dress. This is a clip from the very end of the movie, when Cinna is trying to make her look at innocent and child-like as possible.

Meanwhile, Caesar Flickerman announces Katniss as the “Girl on Fire” to the roaring crowd. At 41 seconds, we see a shot of Katniss walking with the Peacekeepers, presumably toward the chamber that will take her up to the arena above.

At 42 seconds we see Cinna’s hands placing some sort of garment on Katniss. I believe this is just her jacket for the arena. Caesar is asking Katniss what she told her sister when she volunteered for the Games. Katniss replies, “I told her I would try to win for her.”

At 47 Katniss has her bow and arrow out in the woods in the arena, at night. Caesar says, “And try you will,” and kisses Katniss’ hand. At 50 seconds we see the shot of her giving the three finger salute after Rue’s death. We share our POV with the people from (we assume) District 11.

At 49 seconds we hear Peeta saying, “I just keep wishing that I could think of a way to show them that they don’t own me.” Over this we see shots of Katniss looking at a video screen during Peeta’s interview. This appears to be right around the time where Peeta admits his love for Katniss. I’m glad to see Caesar and Peeta’s relationship looking as jovial and comfortable as it is described in the books. The last shot during this quote is the one from the rooftop that we saw in the last trailer.

At 52 seconds the tributes are running toward the Cornucopia. We get a closeup shot of Katniss, and a shot of Peeta. This is the same shot we saw from the first trailer, only now we get to see it on the screen from District 12. The following image is of Peeta and Katniss in their training gear. Peeta continues talking and says, “If I’m gonna die, I wanna still be me.”

The 56 second mark shows Katniss stopping right as a flame engulfed tree falls down in front of her. Then she says, “I just can’t afford to think like that,” in response to Peeta’s previous statement. We see her on the roof of the building talking to him.

At 58 seconds we see Cinna and Katniss together. He peels back her jacket and reveals the mockingjay pin attached to her shirt. He holds up his finger to his lips to tell her to be quiet. Out of context of the film, I’m not really sure what this means. In the book everyone knew that this was her token from District 12. In the movie, is it more of a secret? If they changed how Katniss got the pin, it’s possible that this has also been changed.

Logo, Rue’s whistle, release date, and it fades to black.

SO. What did you guys think? I loved that we got a bunch more shots for this one. It was shorter than the other trailer, but as the movie is getting closer I’m totally fine with that. I’m also glad that we didn’t see any more of the Games – I really want that to be a surprise! I’m getting really excited! Any guesses about that quick scene with Cinna?

  1. Ohhhh…I can’t WAIT!! I loved the trailer. Yes, definitely veered away from some of the story line, which is ok as long as the kept the essence of the story! 🙂

    • Karen Rought says:

      I agree! And given that Suzanne has been super involved with the process, I think we’re all going to be blown away. This is already looking like its going to be such a promising franchise.

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