Featured Video – Doo Wop Shop’s Disney Medley

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Featured Video
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So, I think I have a thing for Disney Medleys now. It all started back here when I posted about Heather Traska’s amazing video.

I’ve got another one for you!

This one is from the Doo Wop Shop, which is a group from the University of Massachusetts. They don’t have the crazy editing skills that Heather does, but this video is funny. And these guys are obviously talented. They sort of act out the stories as they sing it, which makes this video even more awesome than it already was. Check ’em out below.

(If you’re adverse to laughing and cheering people, check out the studio version in the link below the video. It isn’t as funny, but it is a lot clearer.


Studio version.

My favorite songs are the first one and the last one. Favorite singers? That’s tough because they all have very unique strengths. Christopher Kazarian is such a powerful singer (plus he has ROCKIN’ hair), but I have to give props to Ron Vorce, too. I mean…he sang from The Little Mermaid and KILLED it.

Which ones did you guys like best?

Tell me what you think!

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