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Posted: January 6, 2012 in Books & Reading
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There are a few websites that I visit on a daily basis. I literally just can’t get enough of them. One of them is Hotmail – for my e-mail. Another one is eBay – because that’s a part of my job. I also visit WordPress (that goes without saying) and Hypable. I also just added another one to the list:


This is one of the most amazing sites that I’ve ever come across. I heard about it for the first time the other day in that way that the internet seems to tell you about things: I was looking on WordPress for other blogs about writing. I found a blog and read it. Then I visited the Twitter of the author. She just happened to have tweeted about how she was reading The Hunger Games and linked back to Goodreads.


Yep, that’s the internet for you. Anyway, I decided to click on it and – whoa – there I meet my new best friend. Maybe I’m just behind the times and you’re all up to date on these things, but I feel like I have to rave about this website anyway. If you’ve never heard of it…good! I hope I can turn you into a fan.

The first step on Goodreads is to make a free account. All you need is your first name, your e-mail address, and a password and you’re in. When you activate your account you fill in some more information, but I’m sure you can leave a lot of it blank if you want to.

The next step is to pick out the genres that you’re interested in. I chose art, fiction, young adult, fantasy, and classics. They have a whole bunch to choose from, and you can always add or get rid of more later. Once you pick those, you have to choose about twenty books that you have already read. This part is my favorite! You can pick from their suggestions based on the categories you chose, or you can go up to the search bar and type in the name of the book or the author. It will bring up a lot of choices, and usually the one you’re looking for is right at the top. You give it a rating out of 5 stars and it is added to your “read” bookshelf. This is a PERFECT way of keeping track of all of the books that you’ve already read.

Once you complete this step, the site gives you suggestions for books based on what you’ve already chosen to read. This is good for two reasons. The first is that it allows you to find more books that you might have already read and rate them. The second reason is that it is wonderful for finding other books that you might be interested in, based off of the ones that you’ve already liked. These might be books by the same author, with similar plotlines, or just ones in the same genre.

Once you’ve exhausted your memory, you can start adding books to your “to-read” shelf. These are ones that you’ve had your eye on for a while, or ones that you’ve found via Goodreads suggestions and think they sound interesting. You can also order these so that you know which ones you want to read first.

Lastly, you have a “currently-reading” bookshelf where you can add the books that you’re reading right now. There’s also a cool feature that you can use to update the status of the book, like which page you’re currently on. Goodreads also has a feature where you can choose how many books you want to read this year, and it’ll help you keep track of the goal. How cool is that?

There are a bunch of other features, too!

+Friends – catch up with your friends and see what they’ve read or are currently reading
+Listopia – view lists made by other members and see if you’ve read or want to read any of the books found there
+Giveaways – you can try your hand at winning some free books!

Goodreads even has a community of readers and writers right at your fingertips. Authors can make a page for themselves, which includes a short bio and a list of the books they’ve published. You can become a fan of their page and stay up to date!

I didn’t even list half of the things you can do on this website. There are a lot of features and a lot of great books listed. I love the site because I can keep track of all of the books that I’ve read and find more that are similar to them.  Hope you guys have a chance to check out the site if you haven’t already heard of it! Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

Happy reading!

  1. debsanswers says:

    I love goodreads! I’ve been on the site over 2 years and I’ve won several books. Let me know if you have any questions or need help with goodreads.

  2. belleofmountains says:

    Goodreads is lovely!

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